Saturday, June 2, 2012

Mutants: Awesome or Stupid?

This post is about a very popular comic series, which was later adapted to films, The X-Men.
I am personally a big fan of X-Men and have always reserved a special spot for them in my mind, where reality and fantasy nearly merge. (Heavy stuff, huh?)

For years now, I have been a devout fan of the film series. (The comics aren't really available in India, so I didn't have the good fortune to delve into that universe)

One day, I was watching X-Men First Class again (For the third time), because I had nothing to do and I'm a creepy and geeky loner without a life.
Just kidding. I'm not creepy.

Anyway, after watching it, something struck me. What is it that attracts me to this franchise so much? I mean, sure, I'd love to see almost any superhero movie, but there was always something special about the X-Men.

After some pondering on that topic, I reached a conclusion.

The reason for my fascination with X-Men is that it factors in the various political and ethical repercussions in store for a publicly accessible mutant community. It actually shows the mutants at a losing side, most of the time(Xavier's students anyway)...what with their being boycotted by both their enemies and by the very people they are trying to save. Still, I find their small personal victories, apart from the really large scale ones, as they are very close to real life. We don't go out to save a city from an alien invasion everyday, now do we? But we all have had the joy of conquering one of our own evils, the same thing is portrayed in the X-Men series, through their various students.

Plus, I find their powers awfully cool. My obvious favourite is Magneto, although he is a villain and Jean Grey has a lot more power, I just have a personal opinion that nobody can beat the characteristic suave charm of Magneto.

Also, the mutants are shown struggling to gain acceptance, instead of being hailed as heroes by the normal humans. If you give it some thought, you'll find that the mutant's struggle is more probable than their fame, if such a mutant community would exist. This attention to detail and realism really makes X-Men stand out as a comic series.

Well, that's about it, I'm out of things to say.
(I'm gonna say more stuff about this when they get another X-Men movie out....its not like they're paying me or anything, they should, but they aren't.)
(They really should)

Now I'm going to ask you to do one tiny little favour, if you've managed to read this whole thing from bottom to top, why don't you please do the extra bit to comment on this post (By clicking on the dedicated button below) and tell me whether you like the X-Men and their concept or not. Negative and positive responses are both appreciated. If you comment, it will help me sleep better at night.

Signing out,
The Observer.


  1. Excellent. Even a blockhead like me who really doesn't know much about the comic world, is now knowledgeable about the concept of X-men and has understood the insight well. Thumbs up my dear friend! Keep up the good work!
    I have been encouraged to join blogspot by your fantastic article.

    1. Thanks! Finally...someone who can place a grammatically sound comment is here. Your reply is much appreciated.


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