Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Good and The Bad

This one is a conclusion drawn from a lot of observations.

I believe that no person is bad, or rather evil in actuality, it is only the means which they use to fulfil their goals that distinguishes them from the so called 'good' people. For instance, an office worker earns money by doing insanely monotonous paper work while a member of any crime syndicate kills people to earn the same buck, the goal being the same, the means to achieve it defines a person in our society. Although there are many alternative examples, the gist of it will still result to be the same, provided you can look at an act of killing like any other job (you're a part of society too, you know).

It is this very perspective with which the society has come to see the people that has influenced the actions and the how they are treated.

The good people of society are more than often simply polite or friendly and do actions that are generally acceptable by society. The so called bad  people are called so mostly because of their rough exterior, rudeness  or due to their actions which may be unacceptable by the society (I fall into this category).

I have come to understand that these mean nothing in the long run. All that politeness and good behaviour may seem nice on the outside but these are usually present in order for them to be accepted by the society. You see, these people are generally insecure about how the society might look at them and what they might say (yes, girls are more prone to this). The bad ones just don't care what the society thinks. I would prefer to be a  bad guy rather than prance around asking everybody about their health when I have no interest in that.

Then again, some people really do have some noble intent for the actions they do, while I admire these people, I am all but certain that I can never be one of them.

Its really saddening how we are forced to change in order to be accepted by society and those who choose not to change are deemed to be of bad character. Although living the fearless life of the rule breakers is the one I would like to choose, I can't help but squirrel out and put on my false appearance to please everyone. However, it hasn't worked for me so far, most of the people I know hate me and get irritated just by the sight of me.

I try nevertheless, as, in order to climb up to the top of the ladder of success, we must follow the rules of society and there is no denying it.

Over the years our society has developed, trends have emerged and passed, people have been changed and reverted, ethics has been reformed countless times, all this tells us one simple thing.

The society is a bitch.

Signing out,
The Observer.


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