Sunday, August 21, 2011

A Brief Introduction

This will be my first blog.

This one will be just the brief introduction of what is to come your way in the days that pass.

Everyone of us has more than one side to us.

A very dominant part of my personality is the quieter, observant and rather philosophical version of myself. Sometimes I just get heaps of rubbish in my head which some would call philosophy. I plan to blog this so called 'rubbish' which occasionally pops up in my head. Now, I can't promise anything about the quality of what I shall blog about in the times to come but I can safely say that they will be genuinely my own thoughts and not something I picked up from Wikipedia.

So, this shall be the nature of my blogs, short, somewhat to-the-point and most importantly, as irrelevant as cotton candy(I just came up with that).

Signing out,
The Observer.


  1. did stinson inspire you to write a blog? :P

  2. Well, I can't say he didn't have some role in my inspiration :P


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