Monday, March 19, 2012


No, this post isn't about math, not in the literal manner, anyway.

I have been, well, observing(Pun intended) my life and others as of late, and have come to a veritable conclusion.

Its about time, this time. (The pun wasn't intentional this time. Damn, there it is again.)

In the whole span of our lives, things are only slipping away from us. Think about it for a moment. You were reading the first line of this post a few moments ago, and now you're here, and you can never go back to the moment when you first read that line. That's just the way time flows, isn't it? Fleeting.

Could you ever consider such a thing as time to ever be constant?
Neither could I.

Until I had this epiphany, of course.

Everything in our life, keeps changing. Albeit the rates of change may vary vastly, but they do change nevertheless. That way, the only thing that never changes, is actually the flow of time. It was flowing then in the past, it is flowing right now as you read these words, and it will continue to flow long after. Some of you might disagree with this by stating the fact that time itself is the cause of the changes taking place in our life. I completely agree with that, but doesn't that just prove my point even more? I mean, think about it, time is the only constant entity constantly causing various changes. No matter what you or anyone else does, time shall always keep flowing in the same direction in which it has been flowing from the beginning, forward.

Now, to review this post from a scientific perspective would render my views to horse shit. That's why I must request you, the reader to reflect upon this from a philosophical standpoint, from which I wrote it in the first place.

Oh, and to all the time-travellers out there, the joke's on you, because us normal people have something constant in our lives to hold onto and rely on, you guys are just reckless bastards. (Damn, I hate time-travellers.)

Signing out,
The Observer.

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