Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Killing The Novelty

This one is a reaction to the recent movies.

The individuality of the so called superhero genre has been severely compromised. The movies of late claim to be a science fiction thriller (or something similar),  while ripping off the trademark characteristics of superhero movies.

I don't have a problem with this, as I myself am a big fan of this genre and have no problem whatsoever in watching a million different characters emitting energy balls or something.
The problem is that, from the point of view of pure movie-making, these flicks are nothing but bullshit with icing on it. (with the icing being the visual effects)

Only one man has been able to revive the popular genre for the critics, and that man is, of course, Christopher Nolan.

I mean, look at the movie he made, The Dark Knight. Its more a piece of art than a movie really. Never have simple kid-friendly superhero flicks been so complex and full of real world ideals. Then again, I must limit my praises, for the aim of this post is not to show how awesome Nolan is. (Everybody knows that already....INCEPTION, anyone?!)

While Marvel may be trying hard with its Iron Man franchise, I'm pretty sure the critics will still disagree to acknowledge the films as anything more than people-pleasers, or a more appropriate Indian term, a masala flick.

I'm just saying, this genre is only still in existence due to hardcore comic fanboys and of course, the kids.

In my opinion, the novelty value of superhero flicks can only be re-established after other comic book franchises revamp their movies Nolan style, in the realistic manner, the way the movies should have been.

Anyway, the Green Lantern was pretty awesome, right? NOT.

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