Tuesday, August 23, 2011


A little heads up, this post might be a tad bit controversial.

I must tell you, I am an atheist, well sort of(I cross over to the religious side during my exams).
What I want to talk about, in this post, is the existence of a supernatural force which seemingly controls all activities in the universe. In other words, God.

Many might call me an egoist for not believing in something superior but I have proper arguments to supplement my disbelief. The most simple one being, 'it has not been proved scientifically' and for the people of science, not proved is equal to not there.

Although I don't have a problem with people around me having faith in God, what irritates me are the stupid rituals which are expensive, damage the environment and of course, create a lot of noise. People say this brings people together, that being correct, it also blows my eardrums apart and gives me a headache the next day.

My belief is that the concept of God was devised by a long gone ancestor or a group of them, to give something to the common people to believe in. If they indeed did so, they had made a figure that would encourage people to do good deeds, make them scared of doing bad ones and most importantly, it would bring them together. This idea is ingenious, as no one can question the almighty for not helping an individual in need, if someone does, the simple answer would be that 'God is punishing you' or 'God has decided that this is what is best for you'. Also, if someone accomplishes something or achieves success in general, that individual will thank God and this will result in nothing but the increase of faith in God in the individual.

This was a great idea. (I'm not sure it was an 'idea' but if it was, it would have been awesome.)
What ruined it was the rituals, sacrifices and other questionable practices.

With this I conclude that, the concept of God may have been a good one but it has been long since it lost its simplicity. It has mutated into something less 'divine' as of today.

Do yourself a favour, give it some thought before accepting a religion.

Signing out,
The Observer.


  1. Thiis was long!
    Like pretty long. 'Sigh' I finished reading it though.
    um rahher a Skeptic are you?
    Me too. :)

  2. Ok.
    Now, that one makes you actually sit and think about God, and for once not just see Him(or Her, for all you know, it just might be Her), as the superior force who controls everything.
    I agree with whatever you've said except the "scientifically unproven" part.
    According to me, some unproven things are still necessary because when you start providing proof and reason for everything, life becomes too practical. Everyone needs a bit of colour, a bit of unaccounted-for belief as well as a bit of, let us say, unnecessary detail in their lives so as not to become too pressurised in this highly competitive, practical and constantly on-the-edge world.
    Anyways, interesting observations.

  3. Okay. i would like to divide my comment in points.
    1) If you are an atheist,remain one,no use of changing yourself during exams,cause that my friend wont help you at all.
    2) I know it's hard to believe in God as 'it has not been proved scientifically' , but then what do you think about LOVE its not scientifically proven either. Don't you love your mother,your father.? YES you do. You do feel something for them right? and according to me that love that feeling though not "proven scientifically" exists.
    3)I believe in God but, i never perform all those rituals. I too find them useless.
    4)You need not perform all these rituals to show your trust for the creator. Just join your hands and thank HIM for whatever he has given you,that will be more than enough.
    5)God never asked humans to perform all these rituals,all he wanted was we should remember him.
    6)If you don't believe in God what happens is you start thinking you are almighty and no one can overpower you,that attitude will bring you down.Success can be gained through hard work and not by praying to God for the whole day. But remember when you have acquired your goal never forget to thank that supernatural power,cause somewhere where behind he is the reason."GOD helps those who help themselves"
    Eg: You where not able to finish with your physics exam,though you had worked hard,what do you think that was..? ;)
    Sometimes try thinking through your heart,everything will feel different in a GOOD way.
    Signing Out,
    The Well-wisher.


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